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String Man (Find Dave in Pakistan):-

I e-mailed Brother Dave that please come to my village and do some string games and preach on Sunday Morning to our Church fellows. He responded me quickly. He was having great heart to go anywhere in the world with his string. He is a strong believer of Godís idea than good idea.  He came to us and we met with a stranger in Lahore Airport. He becomes our family member very quickly. Later we saw a string man and then preacher whose prayer heals a girl (who cannot speak or listen). Praise the Lord!! She can speak now few sentences and can understand things. How great it is.


My Picture:-

This was my picture when I asked Brother Dave to visit us. We do not have a school in our village no Government no NGO or any organizational school.

I thought that atleast these poor children will have some sort of joy before Christmas and some sort of education (education of understanding not certificate education).  More than 700 children are without education in my village.  We want to establish a school with Dave. Who knows that God will use any person for education in this village?  We are praying and we are waiting for Godís reply and supply. He will answer according to His time.


Young Muslim Girls:-

We were in a school where we did string games with junior sections and these adult students of 1st and 2nd year students were watching from the stairs and later they enforce their principle to have one string period with us after tea. They were very anxious and waiting for us. How quickly they were learning but one girl was sitting very quite. 

What happened next see this photo:



Muslims Girl with scarf (burqa):-

She never shows her face to any young adult. She never has any conversation with a strange man. But string made it possible for Dave to talk with her and tell her how string will work. Can you use a string as Evangelism tool? My answer after this photo is ďYesĒ. What about you? If yours answer is yes please have faith on yours support that it is working in correct place and if you have not decided yet please think again. God is opening new doors in Muslims with just 65 inches long thread called string. A man is doing this evangelism is called string man Dave.


Concentrate these Photos:-

Few years back someone told me that one photo speak for 1000 words. Can you talk to Muslim Militants who love to kill Americans and they laugh after killing them on their dead bodies. Can you?


Look these photos and how easy to tell them about Godís love. How easy to tell them about God of the Bible. How easy to tell them creation of world according to Bible. How easy to tell them that American loves the whole world and specially Pakistan they are not yours enemies they are yours friends.


More Pamphlets:-

These school principles think, it will good to publish more pamphlets to tell the people about Dave. It will open more new doors to have good relation with Muslims families.  They told their teacher at least one period in day must be string period. It is a good game which enforces students to think/ imagine and good practice of fingers.

Finish of Trip:-

We thought it is good to give one day rest to Brother Dave before leaving.  Br; Dave said I do not need rest. We went one school. Few Christian families in Muslim village. Later we went to Christian village which is established before Pakistan. We met with a girl who cannot speak and or listen.  God heard Brother Dave prayer and this girl starts saying few words and sentences. She is very anxious to learn about string. She wants to ask question but how. Finally she speaks. Praise the Lord!!

Can you do a miracle with string? Yes; this experiences tells us.


1.       Muslims wants that someone should come to them and show Godís love.

2.       They are open but we are scarred.

3.       They want to have good relation with Americans.

4.       We also observe with just $ 2 USD per month students lost their education future.

5.       Students are brilliant but they short fall because of poverty.

6.       Lot of NGOís are doing work in big cities what about these native people.


1.       Great journey with Brother Dave in schools.

2.       People want Dave back.

3.       We touch real unreached (4000 students) + school staff with string.

4.       Later with newspaper we reached almost 90,000 people more.

5.       People feel they are wrong with Americans.

6.       They open their doors for Brother Dave and us.

How we can continue:-

1.       Support students which are $ 24 USD annual.

2.       Ask Brother Dave how you can support students and unreached people.


Faithful in Christ,

Pastor Rauf Swan,


  (A note from Dave)

"God works his miracles in many ways. I was working with the children in the village and had prayed for some of them. When we started strings, one girl was just captivated with them. She was hearing impaired and had no spoken language but could read and write. I think she had a "Helen Keller" moment when she wanted to learn more and said haltingly "How." "Star." It was the pivotal breakthrough for her. God and string can do miracles."