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Interior Of Venezeula

The young and middle aged men were the first to want to learn tricks, then the boys. Girls and women were very reluctant to have a man show them something. I could show the children and they could show the women and that was all right.

Because they work with their hands making arrows, blowguns, darts, fishnets, baskets and such, they are very good with their hands and learned very quickly.

Dave's Sleeping Quarters While In Venezuela

Dave had a great time in Venezuela. He went on a Volunteer in Mission trip with 21 other people. Some did construction on a Mission Bible School while others were on a Medical Mission. Dave helped out in all areas.

At the construction site, he made string figures with the children and adults that came to watch. He even learned a new figure from a man and saw a figure that he though was only done in Nepal and Thailand.

At the Mission Bible School, one of the activities was string. Adults and children took part in this activity and it was a lot of fun. The best time was at the sites of the Medical Mission. Dave was able to draw the "Sightseers" away from the sites so the Dr. could hear the translator and do their work.


Yes, they still use bows and arrows and blowguns. They hunt for monkeys, tapir, wild pig, etc.

Life is hard living in the Caura River basin, (a tributary of the Orinoko River). Some of the villages have to carry water for a couple of miles. They live off the land and fight the elements but the people were very receptive to the string games. Maybe because they already knew some, so it wasnít a "new" thing.

Dave says "The whole time there, I slept in a hammock with mosquito netting over it in an open thatched hut with a center pole to tie the sleeping bag to. One day we saw a 5-foot boa constrictor they had found just behind the menís bathroom. Yes, we did have a bathroom and cold showers. Well, not so cold and only when the generator was running."


Hand Carved Dug-out